The Milkymist™ project develops a comprehensive open source solution for the live synthesis of interactive visual effects for VJs (video performance artists). It consists of three sub-projects: the Milkymist™ One interactive VJ station, the Milkymist™ SoC and the Flickernoise VJ software. Not everything is available or done yet, however, this open source project is under active development by a few contributors. You can become one!

  • The Milkymist One is an open hardware product that concentrates all the processing power and the interfaces of an heavily interactive VJ setup into one small box. With a unique combination of built-in interfaces such as MIDIDMX512, analogue video input, Ethernet, OpenSoundControl and generic digital I/O, it gives you all the tools to create truly interactive performances.
  • With the Milkymist SoC, the project pushes the frontiers of open source further. While many open hardware projects are based on a proprietary and closed processor, at the core of the Milkymist One lies a custom embedded processor whose Verilog HDL design files are entirely free and open source.
  • All of this would never be usable by everybody without user-friendly VJ software optimized for running on the system. Inspired by the popular MilkDropvisualization plug-in for Winamp, Flickernoise provides a graphical tool that allows you to create, set-up and run the visual performances.


Important notice!

No price or availability date have been defined yet for the final Milkymist One product. However, very limited quantities of prototype boards are being made available to selected Verilog and software (RTEMS, Genode FX, Flickernoise) contributors. To apply for one, please send an email to sebastien dot bourdeauducq at lekernel dot net, stating your interest in the Milkymist project, your background experience and how you are planning to contribute. UPDATE: all boards are gone, but you can still send a mail to be on the waiting list for the next run.